Patricia Grieco

Real Estate Broker


My goal is to provide you with the most valuable and wide ranging services in the industry with a focus on education, information and access to the best people and opportunities in real estate.

 Born and raised in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina, I moved to Toronto in 2003 with my family. My interest in real estate began when I started working in commercial real estate as a CPA, MBA for big corporations such as Brookfield and Colliers. As a controller I was involved in many transactions, realizing the potential of investing in real estate. On a personal level, my interest in residential real estate resulted in many acquisitions in Toronto and internationally. Realizing that my passion for the field was also met with success, I decided to make a career change and get my real estate license.
It’s been amazing to follow the rapid growth in Toronto and its real estate market during the last 17 years. I am thrilled to be part of that growth and to help my clients navigate the challenges and important steps of buying and selling properties. As a licensed Real Estate Broker, I keep learning and enhancing my skills so that I can provide the highest level of service to my clients.
Combining my financial expertise and passion for real estate and design my mission is to provide a comprehensive service focusing on helping people find the best solution that not only makes sense for them financially, but also maximizes their equity and wealth creation potential of their properties. I also offer international real estate services to my clients with listings all over the world.

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